The Sowinski Family (1st time host)

Dear Ramon and Dora,

We want to thank you for trusting us to take care of Mar.  We are so pleased that we chose to participate in Mary Kay's international program.  As you may recall from previous notes, I commented how delightful and special your girl is.  Mar is remarkable.... making such a positive and meaningful impression in this world.  We frequently heard from friends and family how much people enjoyed spending time with Mar.

Most recently, our activities included a birthday celebration, a family movie, and a wedding reception.  Of course, the 26-day visit seemed to come to a close all too quickly.  However, we have told Mar that we would enjoy hosting your family, her, or Mar/Mer for a future visit.  It will be nice to explore that idea with you.

Mar left a wonderful surprise "thank you note" for us that we found a few hours after she left.  Of course, again, Mar reminded us of how valuable the experience was for her and how impressionable she is on all of us.  You have much, much, much to be proud of.  Mar is intuitive, attentive, engaging, loving, and caring.  These qualities will continue to serve her well.  I imagine she will have many smiles recalling our adventures and experiences.  I also hope that the DVD movie we made can be viewed by you in Spain-- maybe on the television or on the computer.  It is wonderful!

Thank you again for bringing such a beautiful person into this world.  We will miss her presence.  We loved making her feel like a part of our family.  We look forward to nurturing our family friendships with you in the days and years ahead.

May your summer days continue to be rewarding and refreshing!  Have a great family vacation!


Laura Sowinski