Why Host?

Learn about another culture and share your own customs and traditions with someone from Spain!

How long do we host?

The home stay program lasts 3.5 weeks, during the month of July. The students from Spain will be here from June 28th –July 24th, 2018. From July 24th -27th the group will travel to Chicago for 4 days before flying out on the 27th and arriving home on July 28th.

Are there group activities?

No, this is a total immersion experience. Students will participate in family life for the 3.5 weeks of the home stay. This allows the student maximum contact with the English language so they can concentrate on improving their language skills and making new friends.

What if the host child works?

Many American teenagers work and may not be home all the time. If this is the case in your house, plan to have your student spend time with a family friend, neighbor, or other siblings in the family. A bit of downtime is fine, but the student should not spend too much time alone.

Is a separate bedroom required?

No. The student needs his/her own bed, but may share a bedroom with a host brother or sister.

May we take our student out of town?

Yes, absolutely. Just let us know dates when you will be gone and any changes to your contact info in case of emergency.

What about medical insurance?

All students are covered by comprehensive insurance. In case of illness/accident, all expenses will be covered.

Must the host family speak a language?

Not at all. The students are participating in the program to improve their English through total immersion, so English is the primary language to be used. All of our students study English in school and have at least an intermediate conversational level. Many students can converse at a much more advanced level.

What does hosting cost?

Hosting costs only room and board. The student is treated as a member of the family, participating in the responsibilities as well as the fun of family life. Each student travels with personal spending money to cover normal teenage activities— movie tickets, soda/snack food, gifts/souvenirs, tickets to a baseball game, museum entrance fees, ice cream, etc....

What if a problem arises?

Problems and issues are rare. However, should one develop, the host family should contact the Host Family Coordinator to discuss the situation which may simply be a cultural difference or misunderstanding. If necessary, the student will be moved. But please don’t hesitate to contact your Host Family Coordinator to discuss any concerns.

Who supervises the program?

Mary Kay Maas, the Program Director travels with the students and stays locally in Wisconsin throughout the dates of the program. Mary Kay is available 24/7 by email and/or telephone.

Think your family is too busy to host?

Students can attend camp with their American siblings, go on family trips, attend family reunions and other events you celebrate in the summer. If your family is busy, friends and neighbors can help by spending time with the student to make sure everyone has an amazing experience and you don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to open your heart and home to a new friend.


Yes, if you're interested, let us know!  It's our goal to form a bridge and help as many Spanish students experience the USA in July and as American students experience Spain in August.  See our "August in Spain" Program page.  The program functions the same in both countries, the "total immersion" experience with the families, and a short trip at the end to Madrid/Chicago.