What is the best way to expose your kids to another culture, language, and the world "out there" right from the comfort of your own home?

Have you ever watched someone eat corn on the cop for the first time? Or had to explain the game of baseball? Have you ever gone to a 4th of July parade and watched eyes bulge at the sight of the marching bands rockin' or the fire trucks sirens blazing? No? Then you've never hosted a foreign exchange student, have you?

All that is required are kid(s) at home, a spare bedroom, and the willingness to open your home and heart. It is an amazing experience for the whole family, and indeed the best way to expose your family to a different culture, language, and the world "out there".

All of our participants are covered by comprehensive medical and travel insurance and are accompanied by bilingual group leaders who are on call 24/7 during the month, in case of emergency. Our host family meeting points are usually: O'Hare airport, Milwaukee, and Madison, WI.  

In 2016, we began a new adventure with our "August in Spain" program.  Our American brothers and sisters have the opportunity to fly back with their Spanish siblings and spend the month of August in Spain living the culture and the language and top it off with a trip to Madrid at the end.  Inquire for more details.   

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