Going to America and the WASC Camp Experience

By: Luis Fernández González-Irún


Going to America was such an incredible experience and not only because I learnt a lot of English but because I experienced another way of living. Everything is just so different in so many ways. In my opinion, you can read as much as you want of a culture, it will never be the same as having experienced it. You need to experience America from the inside, I assure you that nothing will make you feel more American than eating a huge burger at Culver’s or an All you can eat breakfast at Denny’s. The month that I spent with my American family was one of the best ones of my life. I had so much fun and that’s the thing you learn English without noticing.  I treated my host family as my own, I love them so much! I remember spending afternoons just chatting with my American parents or going to a grocery store with my American mum, I loved going there.  They are huge and they have everything! There must be at least 10 kinds of chocolate ice-cream. My American brother and sister were the best.  My brother and I were inseparable and there was nothing like singing Country music as loud as we could in my sister’s car. I also made so many new friends, we did many things together.  We went camping (where we got bit everywhere by mosquitoes); we also went to a theme park in which I rode the biggest roller coaster and of course we ate so much junk food. I had I blast! I miss them so much, I can’t wait to go back!